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Do you feel the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on your wellbeing and lifestyle?

Do you long for more - of God, wholeness, vitality, peace, clarity, connection?


We're here to support, guide and equip you, from wherever you are.

Are you ready to become healthier, more resilient and find purpose, 

even in stressful times? 

Based on Biblical and Scientific best practices,

we can help you manage and thrive in all life systems.

How we can help you

Learn the cutting edge whole person Biblical and Scientific based Flourish Wellbeing Principles and Practices, integrating ICF core competency skills for effective outcomes in coaching yourself and clients. As a counselor or coach you can expand and enrich your practice by training to become a Certified Flourish Wellbeing Coach.

Flourish Wellbeing Coach Certification


Create a soul sanctuary resting place to receive renewal and encouragement.

 Gently guided Flourish retreat resources and practices provide experiences to deepen your union with God, be rejuvenated and strengthened.

Learn and be enriched by a variety of articles and resources on topics for your personal and professional development. 

Helpful inventories and assessments will provide opportunity for self awareness and direction for action steps. 

At the Flourish Centers we aim to provide cutting edge recommendations for additional resources and helpful affiliations that will equip you personally and professionally to thrive in life, relationships and through adversity. 

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Join us from wherever you are for a virtual Zoom gathering.

Come and receive some much needed renewal and restoration.


Transition from Summer and prepare for the Fall Season. 

September 19, 2020

1 - 3 pm PST  



The Flourish centers

At the Flourish Center for Wellbeing we support and equip you to integrate

Biblical and Scientific best practices that help increase whole person wellbeing

- spiritual, mental, emotional, relational and vocational.

Discover how to thrive, be resilient and find purpose, even in stressful times.

Schedule Life Coaching, Tele therapy, Coach Training or enjoy a Soul Renewal Retreat.  

Dr. Catherine Hart Weber Ph.D.


Flourish Center for Wellbeing

Sierra Madre, CA 

Caitlin Weber M.A.

Nicole Wood M.S.

Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd PCC, NBC-HWC


Flourish Center for Wellbeing

Knoxville, TN

Ashley Henderson M.A.

Meet The Team


Flourish Center for Wellbeing

Sierra Madre, CA


Flourish Center for Wellbeing 

Knoxville, TN


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