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Life Coaching


We are hardwired to flourish as whole people, along with all of God's creation - not just to exist and 'get by' or languish. God's desire is that we live fully alive, embracing His shalom - wholeness and wellbeing. We are called to become students of what that looks like in our lives so we can make choices to live this out - and become 'shalom bringers'.  

Integrating the best practices from the science of human flourishing and wellbeing along with Biblical Spiritual Formation, regardless of your story or current situation, Flourish Coaching can support you in growing and thriving in all your life systems - body, brain, mind, emotions, spirit, relationships and vocation.  


Along the coaching journey, depending on your individualized goals and desires, areas of focus may include incorporating flourish wellbeing principles and practices.


You will discover how to: 

  • Experience emotional healing 

  • Increase and sustain mental health

  • Establish better boundaries

  • Find deep meaningful life purpose, engagement with work

  • Improve your overall self-care

  • Deepen your faith walk and communion with God

  • Process difficult emotions 

  • Learn how to coach yourself

  • Create your own Flourish Plan


During stressful and difficult times, it is encouraging to know that partnering with a mental health coach, for greater awareness and implementing effective action plans based on evidence-based principles and practices, you can increase and maintain mental and emotional wellbeing. 

The extra professional support is helpful to overcome barriers, troubles and stresses in life that cause mental and emotional health challenges.

A professional coach can provide guidance, motivation, personal support and skills to make changes and improve and maintain mental health.   

The focus of Biblically Based Mental Health Coaching is not on treating or healing long lasting or serious mental health issues or diagnosis as in counseling or therapy. 

The coaching partnership works together towards promoting mental and emotional growth in order to improve life and wellbeing - that impacts all of life and relationships. Working collaboratively with clients, the coach helps focus and needs are clarified, goals are explored and a creative plan in established.

Along the Mental Health coaching journey - 

Some of the areas of consideration could include:

- Identify core strengths and skills for resilience or improvement.

- Understand the process of change.

- Establish Healthy Mental Habits.

- Challenge negative thinking patterns.

- Manage difficult emotions.

- Cultivate and increase Positive Spirit Emotions. 

- Reduce stress, anxiety and strengthen resilience.

- Incorporate lifestyle activities that boost mental, emotional and overall wellbeing. 

- Develop an individualized action plan to achieve goals.  

- Receive support, guidance, motivation and feedback along the growth journey.

 Spiritual Formation Coaching

We are created to live in loving relationship with God as the 'beloved' and to keep growing in knowing, following and being like Jesus. The spiritual journey of our Christian faith walk with God and daily application of spiritual practices have an impact on our character, how we approach and live out our life and relationships.   

If these are your desires, or you would. like to explore your meaning, purpose, longings 

and God's invitations to mature and grow, you will benefit from Spiritual Formation Coaching. 

During the coaching process, you have the opportunity to utilize inventories and guided resources, drawing from the Judeo Christian Church heritage, learning practical principles and practices to transform your life. 

Some possible themes to consider along your coaching journey could include: 

- Identify your spiritual gifts, spiritual temperament, the streams of faith

- Understand your God Image concept. God Attachment Style

- Explore your calling and purpose

- Balance being with doing

- Renewal and developing your prayer life

- Recognize the Stages of Faith

- Discernment to cooperate with God in Holy Spirit transformation

- Develop sustainable daily life Rhythms and a Rule for Life

- Experience God in challenging times, wilderness or suffering

- Establish a Spiritual Formation Plan with Spiritual Practices and Disciplines for formation

Connect with Dr. Catherine Hart Weber
If you are interested in coaching, please contact Dr. Catherine, and she will connect you with the right solution that is best for your needs and wellbeing goals.

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