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About the Flourish Centers 
Sierra Madre, CA
Knoxville, TN

At the Flourish Center for Wellbeing we are committed to promoting and supporting 

whole person growth and wellness. We connect one on one, with groups and train to equip leaders.

As a team, our unique personal backgrounds, professional training and expertise

provides effective support and resources on a range of topics. 

Integrating the best principles and practices based on cutting edge science and Biblical faith.  


  • Therapy. Counseling. Telehealth

  • Coaching. Teaching. Training

  • Flourish Coaching Certification

  • Renewal Retreats 

  • ICF Mentor Coaching

  • Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

  • Spiritual Formation

  • Whole Person Wellbeing 

  • Digital Wellness

Please connect and let us know how we can be most helpful to you.

About the team
Founder and Director
Flourish Center for Wellbeing
Sierra Madre, CA
Founder and Director of Coach Education
Flourish Wellbeing Unviversity
Knoxville, TN

Caitlin Weber M.A., LMFT
Mental Health Practitioner
Wellness Life Coach 

Flourish Center for Wellbeing

Sierra Madre, CA

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