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2 Day Individual intensives for women

What is hurting you, difficult and a struggle in your life? 


Are you stuck in patterns and relationships that are painful and you long to make sense of, 

heal and grow?


Do you need time to pull away from the bustle of life to sort through your childhood wounds, life’s difficulties, regrets, disappointments, and losses and understand ‘you’ and the story of your life?

Do you long to make sense of your marriage? 


Your parenting style and its impact on your children?  

How to get along with your adult children?   Or your family?  


Would you like to journey to heal your relationship with your parents? 


Join me Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd by Zoom for a 2 Day Individual Intensive that is a transformative journey blending counseling, coaching and spiritual direction for women who want to share their story 

in order to heal, rebuild their lives, and hear from God. 


Day One:

  • Review the story of your life and understand how your past impacts the way you view and relate today and the decisions you’ve made over the course of your life.

  • Make sense of and process the difficulties, hurts, losses, and disappointments in your life

  • Understand the dragons, fears and vulnerabilities that impact your life, take the Dragons Assessment.

  • Define the patterns and cycles that keep repeating and keep you stuck and hurting.

  • Make sense of and grieve your losses so to allow new life to grow.

  • Outline and process the situations and relationships in your life today you would like to overcome.


Day Two:

  • Discover God’s purpose for your life

  • Create a Life Plan 

  • Outline practical ways to change your life for the better

  • Get clarity on specific steps you can take to flourish in your marriage, family, relationships, and career.

  • Walk through a personalized spiritual renewal retreat as you discover God’s invitation for your life today.

  • Cost: $1500

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