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Dr. Archibald Hart memorial video 

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Dr. Archibald Hart

4/27/1932 - 7/18/2021


Our beloved Dad and Papa went to be with the Lord on July 18th.


Dr. Archibald Hart was born in Kimberly South Africa on April 27, 1932. Married to Kathleen Hart, he was trained as a civil engineer in South Africa before moving to America in 1973 to become a well-known Christian psychologist.

He served as a professor and the dean of the School of Psychology at Fuller Seminary and was best known for his research and teaching on the personal life of the leader, depression, anxiety, divorce, stress, sleep, sexuality, anhedonia, and digital wellness and how to become 'real', so to 'finish well'.


He published over 35 books, and numerous articles. He was one of the founding fathers of Christian Psychology and mad a tremendous contribution to the Christian Counseling field.  Arch has impacted leaders worldwide, challenging people to live a balanced personal life of emotional and spiritual health. He encouraged leaders to flourish in life, to live well, love well and serve well. 

Arch humbly attributed his great success and many adventures to, “I just got in the boat with Jesus and went wherever He took me.”  

We are so grateful for his life and ministry.   


His wife, Kathleen Hart went to be with the Lord June 29, 2021


From his loving daughters, (Archies Angels) 

Catherine Weber, Sharon May and Sylvia Frejd


We will be live zoom streaming the memorial Wednesday 7/21at 4:00 PST:

The Archibald Hart and Associates ministry of helping Christian leaders flourish - to live and love well - continues. 

The ministry continues to provide resources, seminars, trainings, personal life and marriage intensives for leaders to grow personally to foster healthy marriages, families and work places. 


In lieu of flowers you can donate to continue the meaningful work of the ministry to the Archibald Hart and Associates scholarship fund (501 (c) (3)).   


Checks or grants can be made to Archibald Hart and Associates and mailed to:

Safe Haven   2647 Gateway Road #217, Carlsbad, CA 92009.


Please feel welcome to share your stories about how Dr. Arch Hart has impacted your life to


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