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Join the How To Flourish Group Coaching

A safe place to belong, grow and be transformed in all your life systems. 

Share in a caring community of encouraging, affirming small groups. 


                                          You will discover how to: 

                                  √ Deepen your faith walk and communion with God

                                  √ Increase and sustain mental and emotional health

                                  √ Process difficult emotions

                                  √ Be encouraged and sustained to endure hardship

                                  √ Improve your overall self-care

                                  √ Grow your important relationships

                                  √ Establish healthier boundaries

                                  √ Find deep meaningful life purpose, engagement with work   

                                  √ Receive guidance and support

                                  √ Learn how to coach yourself

                                  √ Create your own Flourish Plan

Next How to Flourish Group Coaching starts:

February 2021

Cost $49 a month. Receive a Zoom Group Coaching Call each month.